On January 25, 2019 my precious wife Deborah went to her heavenly home. We lived a life of love that usually only comes once in a lifetime. About 3 months after dies, songs started coming to me. After being asked to write a short story of our battle with brain cancer I was told to make it into a song. So I did. So with this being the 3 year anniversary of her death I wrote this song to let her know in lyrics, my love is still so strong, and how much I miss her, and the life of love we shared together. So on your 3 anniversary of you seeing your Jesus face to face I dedicate this song to you Deborah. In 2021, after only 3 months on the radio, Tommy was nominated for 2021 Crossover Artist of the Year. In 2022, he won Country New Group of the Year. In 2023, he was nominated for Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year and, he won Inspirational Song of the Year. He has had all his radio played songs make it onto the New Music Weekly’s Music Charts most highly charted. He is a featured artist on Museboat Live Radio, with his song “Eternal Promise of Love,“ that charted number 7 for the year; out of over 30,000 entries. His song “You Make My Life Complete“ is number 3 on the Museboat Top 25 chart now. His music is also played on IMN music network with 3 chartered number one songs. Tommy has written 292 songs with over 100 recorded. He can be found in the Country, Indie, Love, and Christian song categories. If you hear a song that your band or artists would like to use, you can contact Tommy Rice via his website, www.tommyricemusic.com to inquire about copyright publications. If you need a musical score written for television or film, Tommy is available to write a bespoke song for your production.